KPMG Women's 1PM PGA Championship, Kim Hyo-joo, Sung-hyun Park, Go Jin-young,


Hannah Green 1, Kim Hyo-ju 2, Melissa Reid 2, Kim Em-kyung, Yang Hee-young, Park Sung-hyun 4
Yoo Yeon, Choi Woon Jung, Im Lim Joint 10, Park In-Bee 17, Lee Jung Eun 6, Kim Se-young 32, Jeon Ihn, Ji Eun-Hee 46

KPMG Women's PGA Championship, Ranking 1R, World Rankings # 1

The first round of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship on the first day of the LPGA Tour's main tournament, held at the Hazeltine National Golf Club (Cheska, Minnesota, USA), was held on the 21st.

Hana Green (Australia) leads the first round of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship ($ 3.85 million total) in the first round of the LPGA Tour.

Kim Se-young, who finished in 3-under-par 69 with a birdie in a one-way comeback, was in second place with Englishwoman Melissa Reid.

Kim Hyo-ju, who won second place at the US Open at Ariya Juta Taganagh (Thailand), did not win the LPGA Tour for three years and five months since winning the LPGA Tour in January 2016 at the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic.

Meanwhile, Park Sung-hyun (26, Soleil), who won the tournament's second consecutive tournament last year, came second with Kim Ink-kyung (31, Hanwha Qusell) and Yang Hee-young (30, Ullee Financial Group).

It was followed by Yoo So-yeon (29, Medi-Hill), Choi Un-Jung (29, Volvic) and Imrim (29, NH Investment & Securities).

Park In-bai (31, KB Financial Group), who is in the 20-game challenge a year ago, was seventy-seven in the par-72.

US Open champion Lee Jung Eun 6 (23, Daebang construction) finished 1-on-73 with Kim Se-young (26, Mirae Asset) and finished the first round in 32nd place.

Ji Eun-hee (32), Mi-hyang (27), the Korean migration from Australia, and Oh Soo-hyun were 46th with the two-up pair with two birds without a birdie.

The world number one, Gojong Young (24, Hite) lost 5 shots and lost 102 points.

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