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Korean Baseball Beats Strong Olympic Ticket War & # 39; Prevention & # 39; very ill

Thorn Field Road to Tokyo Mexico's Fifteenth Watershed

Korean Baseball 7-0

Korean Baseball 7-0(Chiba = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Ji-eun = World Baseball Softball League (WBSC) Premier12 Super Round 2 Match 2 Taiwan and Korea held at Chiba Jojo Marine Stadium on January 12 in Japan. The players of the Korean national team that went 7 to 0 are received by the public. 2019.11.12

(Tokyo = Yonhap News) Reporter Jang Hyun-gu = South Korea's baseball team, which plans to attend the Tokyo Olympics next year, was ill with the shot.

The Korean baseball team lost 0-7 to Taiwan in the 2019 World Baseball Softball (WBSC) Super Round Premier12.

The price of & # 39; championship & # 39; that even the tutors had not tried was great.

If they defeated Taiwan, they could cross the ninth range of the Tokyo Olympics.

An unexpected defeat, however, led Korea to follow the thorny path, and the right to compete at the Olympic Games was deprived.

From the 12th, Mexico will be ranked first in the Super Round match.

Korea and Japan draw second with two wins and one defeat, while the United States and Taiwan draw fourth with one win and two losses.

The weakest player was sixth, with three losses.

The WBSC will give an Olympic ticket to first place in America and first in Asia and Oceania.

With the exception of Japan, host of the Olympics, and Australia, the country's bottom floor, the four other countries must rank higher than their competitors to win tickets to Tokyo.

In other words, Mexico must beat the United States and Korea must leave Taiwan to confirm the Tokyo Olympics.

To win the Olympics on its own, regardless of the number of cases or geography of fishermen, South Korea must play matches against Mexico on the 15th and Japan on the 16th.

By reversing the mood and increasing 4 wins and 1 loss, South Korea will be able to advance to the final round of the 1st and 2nd rounds.

If the United States catches Taiwan at 12 noon on the 15th, Korea could ease its burden against Mexico this afternoon.

The United States, which dominated Japan on December 12, must defeat Taiwan to pursue Mexico and continue competition for the Olympics.

The best scenario for a decision to go to Tokyo is South Korea to finish the super round in fourth place, while Taiwan is below fifth.

That way, the two countries will not meet in the Bronze Medal Match, and Korea will be ranked first in Asia and Oceania.

Korea's superiority is confirmed even if Korea advances to the final round and Taiwan wins the bronze medal after finishing third or fourth in the super round.

The worst case scenario is that Korea loses to Mexico and Japan, and Taiwan catches the US and Australia, changing the ranking of both teams.

The two teams can meet again in the bronze medal match.

You can swear, but you have to leave Taiwan to win the Olympics.

High school captain Kim Hyun-soo, after losing to Taiwan on the 12th, promised to "talk well with the players so they thought they had been stopped and forgotten well."

However, the injection was very painful beyond the tingling level.

Kim Kyung-moon, national team manager, said: "We need to beat Mexico on the 15th so that we can also prepare for the match against Mexico."

Korean Baseball Beats Strong Olympic Ticket War & # 39; Prevention & # 39; very sick-2

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