Korea Sport: Park Heung-sik & # 39; Dae-jin Cha-


  • Chan Ming Jin. Provided by Sports Korea

[스포츠한국 잠실=김성태 기자]I threw it cold. If you continue this release, you will have a chance to be selected. Tigers have a good selection of features. It's Chan Ming Jin.

Chan Myeong-jin was the starter of LG's game at Jamsil Baseball Hall in Seoul on the 22nd. He scored 84 shots in five innings with three hits, two walks, five eliminations and one run.

It's Cha Myungjin who is in second place with 22.1 innings in 6 games before the game. Cha Myung-jin, who had the chance to catch the game on May 24, was disappointed with his fourth inning single with only four innings in the game but he scored a run in five innings on April 30 in Hanhwa, A achievement was achieved together.

He left in June. He scored three races in four innings in the Doosan field on May 5 and scored a run in five innings on the 11th. In his third appearance in June, he struggled to clinch third place in the league against LG at the top of the league .

Lee hit a hit in the first round, hitting a hit-and-run, but Jung Joo Hyun (2) and Lee Hyung-jong (2) and Kim Hyun-soo (3). In the second round, with a 3-0 lead, Cha Myung-jin was on the verge of a second-round battle with a left foot from Joseph, the leader.

On the sixth, the castle had a ball in front of the first base. And he gave me a point while playing ball eight times. However, Cha Myungjin was not shaken. He added three strikeouts, and four hits after two hits.

It was cleaned five times. Koo Byeong-hyuk, Lee Cheon-woong, Jung Joo-hyun and three hitters with a foul ball. I made a point on the sixth. He struck Lee Hyung-jong, the leader of the mass. Hyun-soo Kim dealt with the infield's ground ball but gave up running to his third base, and Joseph gave a ball to the first baseman.

Chan Ming Jin's participation was here. Kia played well until the fifth, and KIA started the bullpen from the sixth, and ended with a team victory with Hahn Jun-young, Ko Young-chang, Park Joon-pyo and Mun Kyung-chan. It was clear he was willing to prevent himself with the best pitch until the fifth. It was not much more than that, but the idea of ​​doing my part as a starter.

With a fast ball of up to 143 km and a combination of landslides of up to 133 kilometers, it gave more chaos to the LG line. Here are 52 strikes out of 84 balls thrown in the day. He played 92 attacks and had far more attacks compared to Ryu Jeong-guk, who recorded 54 attacks.

Since Park Heung-sik is acting as a team, it is Cha Myung Jin who is constantly seeking opportunities. I feel that I managed to control the ground zero while I was in the 2nd group during the rest period. And I did a pitching that matched my expectations. Regardless of the arrest, the throw of Cha Myung-jin in the middle of the chest was the reason why Kia beat LG.


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