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Kim wants to participate in nuclear talks in North Korea


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9 Korea, Indonesia agree to seek …
South Korea party held in North Korea

    In Kyung-won, the head of the Free Korean Party, speaks at a general assembly on March 21. / News
In Kyung-won, the head of the Free Korean Party, speaks at a general assembly on March 21. / News

The free Korean government announced on the 23rd that it will open the standing committee of the National Assembly with important pending issues, such as prosecutor – general Kim Hyun – joon, However, the Democratic Party and the ruling and opposition parties said did not agree to hold the plenary session and the whole operation of the standing committee on April 24. On April 29 and 30, the government plans to return to the National Assembly in real terms within 55 days after the review of the electoral system and the judicial system was designated as a fast track in the special provision for political reform and judicial reform .

Representative at Kyung-wonO "I can not just look at the regime's tyranny and single-handed trafficking," the statement said. "Even if the National Assembly is not normalized, the Korean party will do what the National Assembly will do." Meanwhile, the attorney general, head of the National Tax Service, who directly affects people's basic rights, will actively examine the case through a staffing audience. Kim Hyun-joon, nominated for the National Tax Service, will be held on the 26th. Yoon Suk-yeol, the prosecutor general secretary, has yet to be scheduled.

"I intend to investigate the incidents of incompetence and disarmament in case a North Korean ship enters the port of Samcheok, suspected of systematic concealment centered on Cheong Wa Dae, and investigate reality through the steering committee and the defense committee." "To identify the cause and the cause of the red tap water incident and to establish measures, we will examine the environmental work committee and administrative and safety committee and seek the part to be taken to protect people's right to life. "

However, Na said he would open a limited number of standing committees to discuss government issues and discuss only those issues.

"The president of the National Assembly and the government party are saying they will hold the plenary session unilaterally on the 24th," he said, "and another attempt to repress the administrative practices of the National Assembly." "The Democratic Party of the Democratic Party (DPJ) has been criticized by Cheong Wa Dae and the ruling party for compromising the first opposition party," he said.

On the other hand, party leaders, parliamentarians and city hall presidents and tribal leaders of the ruling party, including the representative of Hwang and Na Kyung-won, Handle the cover of Cheong Wa Dae! The regime of denial of the sentence.

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