Kim Soo-mi "Sung Sung Il, thank you for blocking the impression"


Shin Sung-il, a

Shin Sung-il, a "national actor" who died as a chronic illness on April 4, was offered at the funeral of Asan Medical Center in Pung-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. The funeral is held as the seal of the film, and the steps are on the 6th day. [연합뉴스]

Actor Shin Sung-il (81) died of lung cancer on day 4, and his last show appeared again.

Actor Kim Soo-mi (69) starred in the TV drama "Life Documenty – My Way" in the late afternoon, and presented an anecdote that helped him as one of the protagonists.

[사진 TV조선 방송 캡처]

[사진 TV조선 방송 캡처]

"I asked for exposure that was not planned by the director when I was a movie star," he recalled.

[사진 TV조선 방송 캡처]

[사진 TV조선 방송 캡처]

It was Shin Sung Il who helped Kim Soo-mi, who had difficulty forcing the director's exposure. Sincerely, Shin Sung Il said: "If you tell the director to take your new girlfriend suddenly, I will take off.

Kim Soo-mi said: "I did not know what to do. I was the best star and the teacher of actor (Shin Sung Il) at the time." "It's been the most rewarding thing ever since.

[사진 TV조선 방송 캡처]

[사진 TV조선 방송 캡처]

Shin Sung Il said: "The actors I played with were all virgins and novices. I protected them until the match," he said. "I have no one to protect me if I do not protect them."

His attention is attracting attention again after his death. Comments like "Thank you for protecting me" and "I did a good job" continue. In particular, there were voices urging men to protect women who were on the verge of sexual violence, such as holy days.

On the day of the show, Shin Sung Il appeared in the dining room with his friends Kim Soo Mi and others. However, after the broadcast, three days later, at 4:30 p.m.,

Kim Soo-mi, after meeting the deceased, said, "I could be there, but I ate together just two months ago." I shouted, "God seems to have taken me to learn from heaven.

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