Kim Jong-il's wife, "Choi Sun-sil is reported to be fake …" Park Kwan-cheon, defamation reporter accused –


Entry 2019.04.02 19:05

Deputy Minister of Justice Kim Hak-in / Shipbuilding DB

Former Deputy Deputy Minister Kim denied "not true" the suspicion that Choi, Soon-sil (63), who played the role of a non-controversial former chairman of Park Geun-hye in the appointment of Deputy Minister by Kim Hak –

Kim, a former deputy minister, made a statement to reporters on April 2, saying, "I made a mistake that influenced the appointment of my husband's deputy minister after learning from Choi Chun-sil and the university's CEO program And accused him of slander. " Park is a person in charge of personal affairs under the public service secretariat in the time of Chong Hyun Chun in Chungsil Chungsil's office of the Park Geun-hye government.

Earlier, KBS reported on the suspicion that Choi was behind in the appointment of deputy minister Kim as deputy minister on the 6th of last month. The fact finding mission of the Prosecutor's Committee of the Past History Committee has obtained relevant statements.

Kim said, "I've never seen a person named Choi Seon-sil and do not even know him." "Reporters from public broadcasters reported completely false content, attacking me and my family, who were just women and women, without even a single factual confirmation."

Kim said, "Many media and broadcasting companies have reported many follow-up articles and caused terrible damage to me and my family." After that day, I broke my family and rocked the world one more time. I can not ".

Meanwhile, Choi Soon-sil, who is in jail shortly after the suspicion, said: "I do not know Kim Hak-in and she does not have a single sex."


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