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Boston Dynamics' SpotMini's quadruped walking robot. photo = capturing YouTube

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini's quadruped walking robot. photo = capturing YouTube

[아시아경제 한승곤 기자] US robot maker Boston Dynamics has revealed that its model, the robot SpotMini, is pulling trucks up the hill.

In a video posted on YouTube on the 16th, ten mini-spot robotic quadrupeds are pulled in two lines, each in five rows, pulling trucks with a total weight of 11.8 tons. Boston Dynamics said the demonstration site is the company's parking lot and the bottom slope is one degree.

The Spot Mini is 84 cm high and weighs 25 kg and can carry up to 14 kg of goods. It is equipped with a stereoscopic camera and a sensor for navigation. A charge can be moved for 90 minutes.

Especially if you attach a robotic arm to a mini point, you can pick up the cup from the kitchen sink and move it to the dryer, or pick up the trash and throw it in the trash can. The Spot Mini will probably be available in the market this year.

In May of last year, Boston Dynamics announced that it will launch a pet robot "Spot Mini" in 2019.

"Spot Minnie is in the pre-production stage," said Mark Leibat, founder of Boston Dynamics. "We built ten mini-injectors in the lab that are designed to be close to what the manufacturer really can produce."

Jeff Beers, CEO of Amazon, has been a hot topic for Twitter of photographs with Spottini.

In October of last year, Boston Dynamics released the video of the robot Atlas, a pacifier (a movement that uses body characteristics to move the body).

According to Boston Dynamics, the Atlas is 1.5 meters tall, weighs 75 kilos and has 28 joints. The atlas uses the entire body including legs, arms and trunk.

In the video, which was unveiled on YouTube, the Atlas showed a 40-centimeter-tall structure using alternating forces.

At the time, Raybert said in an interview with Wired, an American IT media, "The parkour video of the humanoid robot Atlas came out after more than 20 attempts."

"In the video we show the best moves, and the average or typical movements of robots are not movements," he said. "If the robots are in excellent condition, the success rate is about 90%."

Meanwhile, Boston Dynamics, which was created independently by MIT in 1992, was acquired by Google in 2013 and then transferred to Softbank's Sonbung Chairman in July last year. SOFTBANK launched the humanoid robot robot in 2015.

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