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The view from the Songpa Helio City apartment in Garak-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Furnished HDC Hyundai Development Company.

[이데일리 김기덕 기자] Recently, Kim, a 40-year-old girl who was looking for a rental property in Songpa-Helio City, Garak-dong, Songpa-gu, The price of the charter of 84 square meters of exclusive area of ​​this complex was a difference of up to 300 million of won, from 600 million won to 900 million won. The total area of ​​9510 houses is about twice the size of Yeouido Park, but the location, the internal structure and the number of floors are similar. Why is the price difference so great? Most new apartments in Seoul have the maximum price of hundreds of millions of won. The price of a building that was built more than 10 years ago is worth about 50 million won. The main reason is that the number of landlords hesitant to increase surplus due to tightening of regulations in regulated areas of government.

According to several agencies, the price of a private property of 84m² for the Songpa Helio City, which will be transferred from the end of next month to the end of March next year, reaches 900 million won, from 640 million won this month.

The municipal complex of apartments of Songpa-gu Garak was rebuilt, and the total area of ​​this complex was 8432 square meters with 5132 houses. This type of area has 13 different structures. The exclusive price of 84 square meters of this complex was sold at 750 million won and 880 million won last month, and there are several price agreements from 640 million won to 900 million won as of this month. Compared with the residential apartments in Songpa-gu, which is considered as a representative apartment complex in Songpa-gu, the price difference between the apartments is about three times larger than that of the apartments (84 ~ 850 million won).

[이데일리 문승용 기자]

The reason why this is the case of the same complex is that landlords who find it difficult to pay bills due to the time of approaching hesitate to hunt tenants and sell the property at a cheap price. An official at Garak-dong S said, "Currently, the lowest price of the lease has been on the condition that the tenants have no charter loans. In addition, most of the cheaper items with a price tag of about 700 million of won are in a hurry because homeowners who urgently need funds have failed to cope with 10% interest, which is double the secured loan after the fixed period of stay.

On the other hand, homeowners who have extra funds or registered as a leasing company want to receive their renters for a price similar to the market price around. If the landlord is registered as a leasing company, the rental fee will be limited to 5% for each lease period (4 or 8 years). An A Songpa-gu official said, "Although leasing companies are relatively expensive, owners often have the advantage of being able to live for a long period of time to receive tax benefits."

The gap between new and newly built apartments is also great. By the end of next month, Lamian Lucheheim's apartment, located in Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, has an apartment of 71m2 with a rent difference of 220 million won, from 780 million won to 1 billion won. On the other hand, the similar area type of apartment Gapohanshin and Wonseong 7 apartment which is 5 minutes walk from the apartment is 550 ~ 600 million won and 600 ~ 650 million won, respectively.The price difference is about of 50 million won.

Hahm Young-jin, a big-time librarian, said: "Landowners who find it difficult to obtain mortgage loans tend to make short-term advances due to the tightening of the loan regulation by the measures of 9.13 (1 LTV 40% , 2 residents 0% "However, after two years, demand and supply are highly likely to form an appropriate range."


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