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After the survey on the 15th, seafarers reported several times
After the press release, the military announced a distortion … Suspected government to help or reduce the case

Report of the

The Blue House, the National Intelligence Service and the Joint Chiefs of Staff received information from the Situation Center of the Maritime Police Agency for the first time 19 minutes after the first information about the North Korean ship that passed through Port Samcheok on May 15 . The three seaplanes reported that the neckline was found on the breakwater of Samcheok port and departed from Gyeongseong, North Hamkyung province on the 5th of this month and arrived at the Port of Samcheok at 6:30 am to 40 pm on the 15th .

However, the army, which was the main body of the incident, initially said, "We received it near the Samcheok Harbor." "The cleavage pulled away." In addition, Casa Azul and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) also reported the same report, raising suspicions that the government was trying to reduce the incident by supporting the announcement of the military's distortion. In the case of the opposition party, he placed the "responsibility of the Blue House".

Kim Jung-jae of the South Korean National Assembly said in a report on the discovery of a "North Korean ship (estimate) in the East Sea" of the National Police Agency of Korea, The First Minister, the NIS, the Ministry of Unification and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The report said: "The unregistered fishing boat (4 people on board) arrived at the Samcheok Port Breakwater at 6:50 am When the reporter asked the crew that they had come from North Korea, they reported that they had received the report . " Around March 10, there was a malfunction of the engine. On June 14, the engine was repaired and entered Port Samcheok. "This report also states that the ship's name is & # 39; Y-23384 & # 39; neckline & # 39;.

The government apologized at the end of the day when the situation turned into a fight. Moon Jae-in met with Chung Kyung-doo, the defense minister, on the same day, saying, "I carefully check if there is any problem that we can not catch or observe in the process coming from the north for us," he said . Chung said: "Let's apologize seriously about the people who should be responsible for the operation of the armed forces at the border." He said: "We will take action if there are false accusations or concealment in the process." . Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon said: "Even if it has been revealed so far, I have made a great effort for the people." "I apologize for this."

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