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[스포츠서울 이용수 김대령 윤소윤기자] Sports Seoul, which was released on June 22, 1985, was a stepping stone, one of which was the history of Korean physical education. In the 1980s, when professional sports began and the public began to enjoy sports, we published many stories of the sporting scene so that the sport could be part of the public life. 86 Seoul Seoul Asian Games, 88 Seoul Olympic Games and other media that became solid ground for Korean sports, promoted on the world stage, were Sports Seoul.

Sports Seoul has met with 66 legends, initiating the relay interview, which visited the sports legends who performed exceptionally during their active days since November 2017, the 32nd anniversary of the launch. The current status of players who have been brilliant in our memory, such as Soccer Yoo Sang Chul, Song Jong Kook, Yang Jun-hyuk's Baseball, Ma Ha Yong, Basketball Woo Ji Won, Volleyball Jang Yoon Chang, Table Tennis Yoo Nam Kyu, Wimbledon Shim Kwon Ho, Tennis Lee Hyung Taek,. Sports Many sports stars that Seoul has known have special souvenirs from Seoul Sports, which was played with the story of individual players. I asked about the sports past in Seoul.

Park Chan-su
Park Chan-su, general manager of WKBL, is in an interview with Sports Seoul. Use

◇ Sport stars reminiscent of sports in SeoulO

Park Chan-su, the WKBL (Professional Women's Basketball Federation), led the revival of Korean women's basketball in the Asian scene before the 83rd anniversary of the start of basketball. But at the time, the press was able to tell the story of general manager Park Chan-sook was only daily sports, except the comprehensive document. The beginning of the basketball game and the launching of baseball in 1985, have emerged deeper and more professional sporting articles. Park Chan-suk, who remembered the company's title, said: "It was shining." At that time, sports were the key and it was not a story. But thanks to Sports Seoul, Park Chan-sook was able to move forward and, thanks to that, I could become a star. "

Park Chan-su
Park Chan Sook (front) while playing at Pacific Chemistry. (Sports Seoul DB)

Park Chan-Sook resigned in March 1985, when he was active in the Pacific chemistry, called "Invincible Fleet". After moving to Taiwan in 1988, he returned to Korea in 1992 and became a coach and player at Pacific Chemical, having worked as a coach until 1996. At that time, Park had a special relationship with that place in his memory. He recalled the late Lee Byung-jin (who died in 2016), who worked as a sports journalist for golf, basketball and ice hockey for 30 years and served as editor-in-chief. Park said, "I did not want to be very persistent, I worked hard at my job, I did not like it when I was young, and when I came to cover it up, I was happy to see it now, I worked hard to tell more about Park He said, "Thanks to persistent coverage, many articles have been published." He said, "I was so happy that I had a chance to visit Lee Byungjin's wedding ceremony."

Yu Nam-gyu
Yu Nam Kyu Director of the Women's Table Tennis Team at Samsung Life Insurance. Use

Yu Nam Kyu, a Ping-Pong coach who won the Ping-Pong Championship at the 88th Seoul Olympics, also remembered this place. Director Yu said: "Sports have a good memory, thanks to the fact that a lot of people talked about table tennis in Seoul.At that time, it was sports day and two mountain chains.Wherever there is a contest (Sports Seoul reporter) came talking together and talking a lot. "I just can not see my face in table tennis for the last 10 years."

Shim Kwon Ho
Shim Kwon Ho, director of the Korean Wrestling Association. Use

94th Asian Games in Hiroshima, 96 Olympic Games in Atlanta, 98 Asian Games in Bangkok, Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, and won the gold medal by fighting successively on the world stage. Yes, he said, "There was not a lot of talk about sports players when there were not a lot of sports fields." At that time, our stories were broadcast through Sports Seoul and we exercised with the pleasure of seeing them. newspapers so I could see the leaders in TaeReung Village.Now, do not you read articles and read cartoons with your cell phone? At that time it was interesting to watch the news and look at the comics while delivering, and this was the exercise " .

In particular, Shim Kwon-khoe emphasized that he was at the bottom of being a wrestling champion. Yes, I said, "When I became a national representative, I gave hope, I wrote many hopeful articles that encouraged me, I helped them work harder."

Yoo Sang-cheol (Incheon coach), team leader and first training guide (3)
Yoo Sang-cheol, manager of Incheon United. Incheon United

In the early 2000s, Seoul sport was the most prosperous period. In 2002, the World Cup was held in Korea. During the Korea-Japan World Cup 2002, we broadcast the fans' news about the green grass and the streets cheering for a hot soccer banquet, where the whole nation was one of the red devils. In 2002, Yoo Sang-Cheol of Incheon United, World Cup champion, recalled this place as "the best-known newspaper." Yu said, "I remember that I used to live in Sports Seoul all the time in the past when I heard sports news from newspapers." Seoul played a pioneering role in the sport. "My parents loved me when I was in the newspaper, and I always discarded the article to cut the article. The articles still remain at home. Newspapers were recorded in my story. "

◇ Sport that sports stars remind of moments of glory The future of Seoul

Over the past 34 years, Sports Seoul has run for the development of Korean sports without stopping. While they pay attention to the stars of the sport of the day, they also show the way worrying about the future of Korean physical education. As Yoo Ling (11, Cheongmyeongcho 5), the director's coach, he also tells stories of who walks in the way of his parents as a star of the sport. However, it is a reality that the influence of this document is gradually diminishing as the window receiving news from the paper back to the web is changed again. Yu said, "When I read articles on my cell phone, the newspapers are increasingly forgotten." Young players in the field do not know Seul Sports well, I want you to tell the story to many people while illuminating the various events and the athletes. "
Many stars cited "tradition" as a common keyword to remember Seoul sports, and "interest" and "consistency" as keywords for the future direction of Seoul sports. Sports Seoul, celebrating its 34th birthday, has promised a new leap as a "sports media room" that takes the advice of sports stars who shared the glory of the past and aid in the birth of another legend of the sports star in the future.
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