It is a vaulted vault … Two-wheeled aerial turbulence 6.2 & # 39;


Winner of the Korea Cup, Tokyo medal green signal
Leader of Yang-ok

Jae-soo is doing a rotating movement after floating in the air with a vaulted horse at the Korea Cup of the Jeju International Gymnastics Contest held at Jeju Halla Gymnasium on the 19th. On this day, Jung won the championship by showing new technologies such as spinning 720 degrees. Jeju = News 1

Jung (17) achieved the new technology and announced the prospect of medals at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Jae-eun won the Jeju Korean International Gymnastics Cup competition on July 19 at the Halla Gymnasium, with an average of 14,817 points in the first and second period.

As the father of Korean gymnastics legend, a professor at Kyung Hee University (48) watched, Yeo Seo Jeong succeeded in new technology of spinning two wheels (720 degrees) floating in the air after reaching the safe from the first period. When I landed, my left foot rocked and I got 0.1 points, but I got a score of 15,100 combining the score of 6.2 with the score of 9.0. In the second period, Yeosu Jung, who achieved 14,533 points as a perfect technical skill, topped the second place, Ozanachu Sovieta (Uzbekistan, an average of 14,550). "When I was training in new technologies, there were a lot of mistakes in the landing. This is the first time I did not sit down and I kept going."

An official of the Korean Gymnastics Association said: "When trying to make new technologies, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is recognized as a success if landed without falling, Now is the FIG, so we only have the procedure to see the final image Depending on the results, the difficulty may increase. "If the new technology goes through the final approval of the FIG and is recorded as" Jeongseong & # 39; in the rules of according to the definition of the definition, Jeongseo and Jeong will establish a single record for each woman & # 39; She developed a technique called & # 39; F 1 & # 39; and & # 39; F 2 & # 39; during your active service. She said, "I believed that my daughter was in good physical condition during the training session and that there would be good results in practice."

Yeosu Jung, who has been experimenting with 5.8 points and 5.4 points of difficulty, has announced the prospect of entering the Olympic Games in Tokyo by installing new technologies. "I will do more to improve the stability of the landing. I will do my best to increase the difficulties of technology in the second period." In the men's vault, the "God of the vault", Yang Hak-sun (27), reached the top. The Yonkak Sun received an average of 14,975 points in the first and second rounds to lead Igor Radibilov of Ukraine (average of 14,675 points). In the first period, Yang Jae-sun received 14,950 points for his unique ability, Yang Yang 1 (6.0 points for difficulty), and in the second period he had a skill of 5.6 points for 15,000 points.

Jung Yoon-cheol reporter [email protected]

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