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Isora, 100, started YouTube… Forget diet videos

Lee So-ra starring & # 39; Meet Your Brother & # 39;
"YouTube recording and editing is for you"


Isora "YouTube starts 100 years ago … Forget the diet video" / Photo = JTBC Capture

Model Isola launched YouTube in preparation for the 100-year-old era.

Lee So-ra, who appeared as a guest on JTBC & # 39; Knowing Brother & # 39 ;, which has aired for the past 16 years, said: "Jang Jang-hoon has asked me to leave for & # 39; Knowing Brother & # 39; ; for six months ". Knowing the older brother's cast, "Seo Jang-Hoon seems to like Isora," joked Lee Sora laughed out loud and denied it.

When asked why Seo became a YouTuber, Lee Sora said, "The average life span is very long. I'm 100 years old and very young." "I started YouTube to communicate with young people."

"I do everything myself. So I learned how to film and edit."

When Kim Hee-chul asked, "You didn't become a legend with a diet video. Do you think you want to produce diet content?" "Now there's no woman after all these years."

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