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Increase of 5.24% for public housing announcement this year … Slightly adjust for down request

Enter 2019.04.29 14:00

The number of objections was 28,835, the highest since 2007
Seoul is 14.17 → 14.02% … 218 million domestic taxes

As the price of residential real estate in major regions rose this year, demand for homeowners continued to fall, and the rate of change in the announced price of the housing complex across the country fell slightly, from 5.32% to 5.24 %. The rate of change in apartment complexes in Seoul has also been adjusted from 14.17% to 14.02%. The number of appeals in apartments was 28,835, the highest since 2007.

The number of apartments with the announced price of more than 900 million W, which is subject to the global real estate tax this year, was 218,163, a decline from 1,699 to 21,982. However, the number of apartments was 54,356, 54, 9%. Most of the apartments subject to tax are Seoul (20,323 residences).

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation announced on January 29 that it will announce and announce the 30-day advertisement price of the apartment across the country as of January 1, 2019. 13.39 million in total, apartments are 10.73 million and allies are 2.66 million. The price of the apartment announcement was heard by the owners from March 15 to April 4 and was reviewed by the Central Committee for Price Disclosure of Real Estate on March 26.

Apartment complex in the center of Seoul. / News Yonhap

During the period of owner's opinion, 28,735 comments were received across the country. Compared with 1290 cases last year, it has increased 22-fold and is the highest since last year (56,355 cases). 597 cases were revised upwards and 28,138 cases were revised downwards. The number of cases reflected was 6183, which represents 21.8% of the total. 108 went up and 6075 went down.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MOST) did not provide a clear basis for the criteria for reflection. Lee Moon-gi, head of the Ministry of Land's Housing Lands Department, said: "We rescheduled the case when it was considered reasonable after reviewing the site's investigation and price analysis."

The rate of change in the price of the apartment complex announced this year was 5.24%, slightly lower than the previous one (5.32%). It is similar to last year (5.02%). In terms of number of attempts, Seoul, which recorded the highest growth rate, fell from 14.17% to 14.02%, but is still the second highest growth rate since 2007 (28.4%).

In terms of Seoul neighborhoods, Gangnam-gu, which is one of the main increases in announced price, decreased by 0.37 percentage points from 15.92% to 15.55%, followed by Yongsan-gu with 17.98 → 17.67%, 17.03 → 17.59%) And the majority of autonomous regions was below the previous growth rate.

Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

The price increase after a hearing was Chungbuk province, which rose 0.01% to -8.10%. (4.65 percent), Dawjeon (4.56 percent), Jeonnam (4.44 percent) and Sejong (2.93 percent), while Gwangju (9.77 percent) and Daegu (6.56 percent) percent) were lower than the national average. The 10 prices, including Ulsan (-10.50%), Gyeongnam (-9.69%) and Chungbuk (-8.10%),

By price level, the principle of raising the advertised price of high-priced housing was maintained, while the rate of change in all sectors was slightly reduced. At the time of the public announcement of the price of 1.2 billion ~ 1.5 billion won (120 thousand households), the rate of increase was 18.15%, which was reduced to 17.90%. (15.6 percent), followed by those from 15.6 percent to 15.9 percent, followed by those from 15.6 percent to 15.9 percent. And more than 3 billion won (13.32 → 13.1%, 12,000 households). The number of 928,700 families with a declared price of 300 million won or less fell 2.46% (-2.45%).

Price (price) Price change rate announced this year by level. / Ministry of Land Transport

The rate of completion of the apartment complex this year is 68.1%, which is the same as the expected price, same as last year. "This adjustment did not affect the rate of completion," Lee said. "There was a shift to the second decimal, but the rest was the same."

The price of this year's public housing can be viewed through the site's Ad Price of Property & # 39; and the prefecture of the prefecture of the residential area, from 30 to 30 May. If there is any objection to the published price, you can submit your opinion online at the property price notice notification site or by correspondence, fax or visiting the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, The objection period is up to 30 May.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation will analyze the impact of the ad price on taxpayers, health insurance premiums, social benefits and other common people.

Lee Moon-gi said, "We have actively improved the market share that has gone up in price as well as the difference between the published price and the market price." However, we still think the imbalance has not been resolved. "We plan to gradually light of the burden of ordinary people, and we plan to spread achievements and achievement rates by type of property every year. "

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