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In the case of Incheon Airport, the country's face, & # 39; Trouble Tents & # 39;


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President Lee declared full-time employment two years ago … Continued conflict between the two sides

There are two plastic tents with a messy banner in front of the entrance doors 7 ~ 8 in the middle of the departure hall (3rd floor) of Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. The KCTU and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (FKTU) were established at a distance of less than 50 meters. The KCTU is challenged by two unions, demanding a conditional conversion for all irregular workers and requiring the KCTU to undergo a verification process.

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Tents set up at the entrance gate of Incheon International Airport – The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (left tent) and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KTU) are in a tent at the starting point of Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport, where 70,000 people leave of the country every day. The KCTU is opposed to insisting that all non-regular workers of Incheon International Airport Corporation be converted into full-time workers, / Kim Ji-ho reporter

The turquoise vinyl check tent was installed last December. There is a band with the words "Criminal Retirement and Retirement!" The Korean tent appeared in March. There was a leaflet in the tent refuting the KCTU.

At the largest entry airport in Korea, where 200,000 people pass each day, two unions are assembling and replacing a tent. It has been two years since President Moon Jae-in declared "zero work zero" at Incheon International Airport in May 2017, but the conflict related to the transition to full-time employment has not yet been resolved.

(I.e.Tent of the two governments at the gateway to the Republic of Korea

Incheon Airport 9800 temporary workers

On the 10th, foreigners and foreign tourists who visited the starting point were looking at the tent. 70,000 people leave the terminal as exits from a terminal. A Russian couple said, "I thought it was a pile of crap. I do not know why I left it in a country like Korea." Kim (35) said: "Incheon airport is like a face in Korea and I am ashamed to show it to strangers."

There are also large lanes around the roads leading to the gate and near the airport building where the two unions claim each other. If KCTU says, "I will be responsible for the transition to full-time employment without being fired," KCTU will write that "I will take the initiative to improve the immediate treatment of workers rather than false advertising." I also have a track written in English intended for foreign tourists, such as "driving out bad subcontractors". They are practically illegal flags, but the trade unionists are carrying out "legitimate demonstrations" and not demolishing them. An airport official said: "It's a shame for the country.

(I.e.Transition to full-time employment,

The airport will have 3100 permanent staff by June of this year, and the remaining 6600 will be completed by June 2020. The 2,900 people working on security matters, such as security personnel, are hired directly by the Corporation, and maintenance and facility management, such as environmental cleanup, is a method of establishing and employing subsidiaries. In December last year, the airport corporation and Hannoun-gun agreed to move to full-time employment after President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, declared "zero-irregular employment (0). KCTU has begun to fight the claim that "all irregular workers should be converted into full-time jobs without any conditions." KCTU has started a fight in the tent, saying: "The airport corporation is trying to fire irregular workers because it hires # 39; Competitive employment & # 39; in violation of the promise of full-time employment. "KCTU openly criticized the construction of the airport, saying it" had a relationship with the airport corporation. "

President Moon Jae-in (middle of the front row) declared "zero non-standard work" at Incheon International Airport in 2017.
Two years ago, President Moon Jae-in declared a "zero-irregular employment" statement at Incheon International Airport in 2017.

"The KCTU is pushing for this, and negotiations for the conversion of permanent workers have been delayed," KCTU said. As the conflicts between the two unions have increased, there is no solution for the transition to the construction of full-time airports.

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