In the "black hole" universe,


It is the first observation of black holes in human history. A team of researchers at the Horizon Telescope (EHT) event announced on Oct. 10 that they were able to observe a black hole in the center of an enormous M87â € ™ galaxy. / VOA.

[신한일보=조한이 특파원] For the first time in history, the shape of a black hole in the universe was revealed on October 10.

Researchers at the telescope's event horizon (EHT) revealed that they were able to observe the black hole at the center of the huge M87â € ™ galaxy, and revealed the shape of the black hole observed. The researchers used eight radio telescopes scattered around the world.

Theoretically, black holes have a strong gravity that can not escape the light. Thus the form released this time is a kind of combination of shadows when ambient light illuminates a black hole.

The observed black holes are 55 million light years from Earth.

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