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In Kyung Won "phrase scheme uses fast track as sweeping track – Chosun.com

Entry 2019.04.29 10:55
| 2019.04.29 11:02

South Korean President Na Kyung-won is waiting for a meeting at the general assembly of the emergency parliament in Yeouido on the 29th.

On April 29, Deputy Nak Gyeong-won, leader of the Democratic Liberal Party of Korea (DPRK), said: "The regime has to deal with disasters, livelihoods and economic crises, as well as revision of the electoral law for four parties and opposition parties and the appointment I use the Fast Track as a trail of snatching. "

"There is President Moon and President Cheong Wa Dae behind the accelerated dictatorship, left-wing politics and leftist dictatorship, He ordered the National Assembly to be a mess, and that the people of economic failure, failure of security and diplomatic failure were masked by the mask of political struggle. "

He said, "There is a criticism that it is difficult to solve Alpha Height because the formula of interrelated proportional representation that combines six mathematical expressions in a middle class has been criticized," and that the Moon-Jae-in regime of "I'm going to win ". As for the law of recruitment, he said: "The law that will give the royal presidency to the president is not a sword of corruption, but a sword of political retaliation."

"The end of the worst policy of the past is always Toggukin," Park said, "I am not the only one to focus on electoral law, chaotic law and the fastest path," he said. Please go back to parliamentary democracy and clear the way faster. "

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