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Photo = Go Bonnim Facebook

Photo = Go Bonnim Facebook

As an actor, Kubonim is dead, he is curious about his biotope.

According to the medical community on May 21, Bihin du cancer is a type of head and neck cancer that occurs in the upper part of the pharynx. Head and neck cancer is caused by nasopharyngeal cancer, tonsil cancer, oral cancer, and tongue cancer.

Nasopharyngeal cancer is the initial symptom of bruising, hoarseness, coryza with mixed blood, hearing loss, Experts explain that when these symptoms appear, they should go to the hospital and do a check up.

The disease usually affects foreign bodies and pain when the mouth is opened, causing nasal congestion and bleeding. Suddenly, nasal congestion and a foreign body sensation are felt in the nose, and if you feel discomfort with your nose when you swallow food, you are suspected of having nausea.

If these symptoms persist, it can lead to the brain and cause nerve palsy.

Kubonim fought the rainforest for more than a year and left the world around 4:50 am.

He has been living on stage theater, film and broadcasting. She appeared in the drama The Pilgrim, Panda Yang and Hedgehog, Mandore, and in the movie The Wolf Boy, she became famous for her role as Mrs. Jung.

The remains of the deceased were assembled at Incheon Funeral Home, a paradise to rest,

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