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| 2019.04.21 17:39

Some citizens are eating at the memorial of the War War Memorial of 6/25 in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Some civilians are eating at the 6/25 War State Warriors monument in the last 20 days. / 6 · 25 War Memorial Page

On the notice board of the 21st page of the war memorial, three people wearing a red T-shirt along with the article "I watched a terrible sight" were loaded with pictures of food on the memorial of the Korean War memorial. The photo was taken the day before.

The author said: "I promoted an event at the war memorial, and the people who attended saw pictures of eating rice for dinner." I can not understand the existence of these people. It should not be done by itself. "

Some citizens eat the Monument to the Battle of the Korean War at the Yongsan War Memorial in Seoul on the 20th. · 6 · 25 Memorial War Page

"I was sick at the stadium when I was on the stairs by mistake at the Italian War Memorial," he said. "I wonder if Korea is the only place in the world where there is a citizen who eats rice for a war memorial around the world." The War Memorial is not a museum but a place made to comfort and memorize the souls of the ancestors who gave their lives for the nation. "

This photo was posted to the Internet community's bulletin on the day, and the internet user's criticism was spilled. Netizens said: "Let's not only have lunch, but also have a concept." "Memories of war that have allowed us to do these things are also a problem." Internet users are believed to be members of the group, as the photo numbers are wearing a T-shirt from a religious organization that hosted a hiking tour at the war memorial on the 20th.

The memorial of the host nation that they have eaten is set in the square of peace. The memorial to the fighters represents the 21 nations that dispatched 16 UN member countries and medical teams at the time of the Korean War. It was created in November 2015 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations in order to nurture the love of the nation and the security awareness of the country.

A War Memorial official said, "The workers were aware of this fact and took immediate corrective action." "Let's get better at this point."


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