I smelled a rotten smell when I was in a bath of tap water. The killer is a rubber hose


Kimchi, picture of faucet picture [중앙포토]

Kimchi, picture of faucet picture [중앙포토]

In front of Kim Jang-cheol, each commercial water supply office began to request a rubber hose user in Kim Jang. If you connect the rubber hose to the tap and receive water, harmful substances and odors will be generated.

According to the Daejeon City Waterworks Office, Kim Jang-chol asks for a protest phone that smells strong in tap water. After washing the cabbage, radish, etc. with tap water, complaints that the kimchi that had been soaked with the stench had been removed.

According to the hydraulic system, the cause of the odor is not in the tap water, but in the rubber hose. Toxic substances in rubber hoses react with chlorine in tap water to produce carcinogenic substances.

The rubber hose contains chemical additives, such as phenol components, which serve chlorine, a water disinfectant, to produce chlorophenol, which is a foul-smelling substance. This substance is harmful to the body, and odors and harmful substances do not disappear even when boiled. For this reason, if you eat food with water from a rubber hose, you will smell strong.

The Waterworks Business Division of Daejeon City distributes the promotional material with this information and said "Please do not use rubber food hose." To avoid such an accident, it is best to use water directly from the tap when washing food. If hoses are required, use non-toxic food cleaning hoses, silicone hoses, or stainless steel hoses instead of ordinary rubber hoses.

Most rubber hoses sold in hardware stores are not food hoses, so they asked to confirm if they are just food before you buy.

Lee Min-jung, reporter [email protected]


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