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Entry 2019.05.01 13:18

Hail (US Robert Harley, 61), a radio broadcaster arrested on drug charges, was fired from the police station in southern Suwon on Tuesday (Oct. 10). / News Yonhap

Heary (American Robert Harley, 61), who is suspected of using drugs, was turned over to the prosecution.

The criminal investigation team in the southern part of the Gyeonggi Prefectural Police Agency said on Jan. 1 that he sent Ha Si to the prosecution on suspicion of violating the drug control law.

He is accused of buying 1g of methamphetamine from his home in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul last month and use it with his foreign, A (20), the same day. Since then, I've had one more dose at home.

In mid-March, when police repressed the drug sales book, police confirmed that he had sent 700,000 won to a sales book account. He was arrested in a parking lot in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, around 4:10 pm on the 8th of last month.

On the same day, a syringe was found that was used in the methamphetamine drug in the search for seizure at Ha Se's home. Police also secured a Closed Circuit (CC) TV recording that included a consignment of the automatic box methionone purchase. A positive reaction to the drug reaction test for Hae's urine after arrest was revealed.

Ha and public A admitted their charges. "I had a lot of stress at work, so I touched drugs," she told police. Police ordered a warrant for Ha, but the Suwon District Court on Tuesday rejected the arrest warrant on Oct. 10, saying: "I am deeply distressed and there is no fear of destroying the evidence." He has already been detained.

He has been a native of the United States and has served in Korea since 1986. He gained popularity as a broadcaster with a fluent conversation with Busan's dialect in entertainment programs and ads. He gave up his American nationality in 1997 and became a native of Korea.


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