I do not know what to do … Police hold voice and photo files


"Damaged Woman" to be filed tomorrow

(Reuters) – Police are confirming that the talk about sexual assault was unveiled in the KakaoTalk group chat room where reporter Jeon Myung-hun, singer Jung Jun-young (30)

The Metropolitan Police Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police said on June 18 that it is protecting photo and voice files suspected of sexual violence in the Katok chat room, which was attended by Chung Joon-young.

Earlier in the day, a press reported that there was a situation where woman A was sexually assaulted by Chung Jun-young and Jung Jun Hoon.

According to this report, A, along with Chung Joon-young and Jong-hoon, claim to have suffered sexual assault after losing their spirit.

It was reported that the voice files and photos containing the circumstances remained in the chat room of Kakao Talk, where Jung and others participated.

A woman who claims the damage will file a complaint to the police on the 19th.

Chung Joon-young was charged with allegedly distributing illegally filmed sex videos in the KakaoTalk chat room.


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