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I do not know what to do … 5 hits in a row


Choo Shin-soo's main league team, including three homers in the season, picked up three hits and continued to hit five consecutive hits.

It's Lee Jung Chan.


Cho's bat came back from the first round in the first round.

After hitting a backside against Seattle rider Swanson, he fought at home with the first attack of the fighter at home.

In the seventh two outs, I raised the tenth RBI on the first and second bases.

And on the ninth inning, he hit the third homer of the season and reached third in the season.

Sadjek pulled the slider and pulled the solo bow again in two games.

Choo, who had five consecutive hits, reached .340 with an OBP of .42 and a .50 percent.

It was not until last year that the feeling of being hit at the peak was caught as the first all-star of my life, and I can watch the All-Star game for the second consecutive year.

Texas had a win in Seattle for two consecutive days.

Lady Seung-hwan of Colorado had her first loss in the third round of the season.

(Image editing: Kim Byungjik)

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