I become the devil! 345 ways to become the devil & # 39; by Google Fitcher


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NGNTSOFT (CEO Jang Tae-hoon) said that "345 ways to become a master", which is a mixed genre of simulation and defense strategy, was selected as a "Google Play recommendation game" in Korea.

As the 345 ways to become the devil & # 39; is a game that combines the adventure of magical masculinity and the genre of defense, the genre of magic game Ma Mae Daejeon. The user became the commander of the mystery, recruiting the heroes of each family, drawing the dungeon and drawing the process of reconstruction of the mystery, becoming the master.

You can play various strategic games using heroes, mercenaries, spirits, spells, etc. Through a unique system called Rune, you can create 3500 combat styles based on the combination of the same mercenaries. It's also fun to do.

"Masambang" is expected to be among the top 10 of the game-creation audiences in 2017 and the third in mobile gaming awards, and has maintained a high rating of 4.8 in the Google Play ranking and 4.9 on the One Store stand after the release.

The & quot; Massam room & # 39; Google PlayAND A storeAnd it's getting ready to launch iOS this winter.

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