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An inter-Korean joint event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the start of tourism on Mount Geumgang was held on Mt.

The event, co-hosted by the Hyundai Group and the Asia-Pacific North-East Asia Peace Committee, will be followed by a ceremony at the Kumgang Mountain Cultural Center, followed by ceremonial ceremonies, presentations and dinner the next day . It was only four years since the 16th anniversary of the 2014 event that North Korea held a tourism commemoration event.

The Hyundai Group, which began visiting Mount Kumgang in 1998, held its first anniversary event at Mt. Geumgang during the following year,

The ceremony was attended by about 30 executives and employees of the Hyundai Group, including CEO Hyun Jung Eun, 100 people including external guests and reporters, and about 80 people from Asia, including Asia Pacific staff.

In particular, in the south, six members of the current parliamentary and regional athletic and tourism committee, including the Min Min Suk Democratic Party and the Democratic Park Peace Park Ji Won, visited Pyongyang.

The names of the Jogye Buddhist Order, Kumgang Investment Corporation, Korean Tourism Organization and Korean Land and Housing Corporation (LH) were listed along with former Ministers Lim Dong-won, Jung Se-hyeon and Lee Jong-seok, former Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. .

Participants at the ceremony gathered early in the morning at the Asan resting point of Hyundai Asan Hwasunjinpo, Gangwon Province, and greeted each other. Just before the bus ride, Park Ji-won and Rep. An Min-suk talked to each other, and Lee Jong-seok, former Unification Minister Jeong Se-

As the international community's sanctions against North Korea have been effective in the recent peacetime climate on the Korean peninsula, it is unlikely that the resumption of tourism by the Hyundai Group on Mount Kumgang will be specifically discussed, but there will be exchanges of views on inter economic cooperation among the participants. This is noted.

In particular, the South Korea National Reconciliation Cooperation Council and the North Korean National Reconciliation Council held a joint event in Mt. Geumgang earlier this month to discuss private exchange and cooperation measures, and it is hoped that the & # 39; meeting Geumgangsan & # 39; continue in the private sector in the future.

Hyun-soo is expected to announce the results of his visit to South Korea on the 19th, after finishing his third visit to Korea this year.

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