Hwang, former parliamentarian and current member of parliament


Entry 2019.04.17 10:05

I hope that, as the party's representative,

Hwang, a Korean freelance delegate, speaks at a meeting of the senior adviser to senior and middle-ranking parliamentarians held on the morning of the 17th.

Hwang said: "We apologize once again as the party's representative," he said, referring to the comments made by the deputy.

Hwang said at the meeting of the supreme party committee and the middle-class party members, "We not only harmed the hearts of family and citizens, but also the expression itself does not correspond to national feelings.

He said, "I am scraping my bones to restore public confidence, and I must keep in mind that all efforts can be ruined with a bad word." He said, "Please be careful about your behavior."

Chung also apologized for his remark, which was controversial: "I thought it was short." He said the day before on Facebook: "Please stop worrying about the years … If the dead children are pious, you should not really do this … I'm kidding now."

"I sincerely apologize to those who hurt the tales I posted on Facebook yesterday," Chung said through Facebook on the related issue. "I wanted to put into my policy that the issue of the year should not become a subject of other disputes," he said.

He said: "I had no intention of hurting the families of the Seowall families," he said. "I hope there are no misunderstandings.

"The party ethics committee will ask me about the whole thing, so I'll explain in detail."


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