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How to choose vitamin D? Add chemical siblings & # 39; NO & # 39; … Products should be checked at the back


How to choose vitamin D well.

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Vitamin D, which helps the absorption of calcium and healthy bones, synthesizes the happy hormone serotonin to decrease depression and stimulates immune function.

Lack of vitamin D may weaken your muscles and bones, change your mood often, or cause depression. Vitamin D is rich in sunlight, blue fish and egg yolk, but it is difficult to fill the recommended daily amount and should be taken as a nutritional supplement.

So how do you choose vitamin D? First, we need to choose products that do not contain chemical additives (chemicals added for mass production and extended shelf life) and synthetic additives. If this ingredient is present, it can adversely affect your health if taken for a long period of time.

"Magnesium stearate (risk of substances that cause increased viscosity or organ damage)" to raw materials "Silicon dioxide (Side effects such as the role of anticancer drugs, autoimmune disorders , etc.) "http: //www.ajunews .com /" HPMC (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, inhalation stimulation and chest pain) "should be avoided.

You should also make sure that it is a yeast derived product. Because natural vitamin D does not have a sense of resistance to the human body, check the name of the ingredient when buying the product. "Dry yeast" on the back of the product is "Dunaliella" "Acerola extract powder" and other products can be marked.


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