Google Deep Mind & # 39; AI Eye Doctor & # 39; marketed


[외신종합] Deep minds from the AI ​​company near the London Kings Cross station are getting attention again after the world of Baduk & Alpha Go's program.

DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google Inc., has managed to market the & # 39; AI Doctor & # 39 ;, which can diagnose complicated eye diseases in real time as the best medical team.

Although Google has taken over, Deep Mind is still based in London.

If you are an IA doctor, you are the only one in Korea that has been introduced by Gil Hospital since 2016.

According to the latest edition of the Financial Times (FT), Deep Mind, with patient consent, examined the eye at a public demonstration and diagnosed the disease in 30 seconds. The algorithm stored on Google's cloud server analyzes information from the patient's eyes obtained by the scan and instantly derives the disease.

Deep Mind's AI system can diagnose various eye diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration due to aging, and the accuracy is the same as that of the world's most prestigious ophthalmologists.

Deep Mind has been developing a new AI system with Moore Field Eye Hospital in London for the past three years. Details related to the research were published in the journal Nature Nature, published last August.

Although not yet approved by the authorities, Deep Mind worked with Moore Fields Hospital to produce prototypes in the last few months after the study.

"If the AI ​​system goes through clinical trials and regulatory approvals, Moore Fields will be free for the first five years," said Deep Minds spokesman.

"We've built an important landmark in medical devices that doctors can use," he said. "We're trying to create prototypes that can be used in combination with cloud technology in the early stages of the new search appliance." .

Deep Mind launched its medical sector in 2016 as part of its application of artificial intelligence. Since then, we have developed medical AI that can be used in real time in clinics and primary hospitals. It has been reported that it is not yet marketed.

Google and Deep Mind are spurring marketing because of their promising medical AI.

DeepMind transferred its management rights to Google's new healthcare business last November. Deep minds are independent, even after being acquired by Google in 2014, but have taken the initiative to give Google more control over their health care business.

FT estimates that the global medical services market for AI will reach $ 6.6 billion by 2021,

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