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Goodbye Sweet Potato Line ~ Kim Hyun-soo's Sweeping Synthesis


Go from the seventh to the fifth. 3 RBIs and 2 RBIs

& # 39; Sweet Potato Line Goodbye ~ & # 39; Kim Hyun-soo's Sweep (General)

“ Captain & # 39; & # 39; Kim Hyun-soo (31, LG Twins) punctured the inside of the Korean national team's batting line, which was frustrating with a double legal blow.

Kim Hyun-soo played South Korea's fifth left player in Super Round 12 of the 2019 World Baseball Softball Federation (WBSC) World Round on the 15th at Tokyo Dome, Japan. -3 led to victory.

Kim Hyun-soo has played mass in the last five games, playing 14 hits, 4 hits and 2 RBIs.

But he invented batting, batting five in Mexico.

Kim's judgment was to increase the feeling of reaching the national team in recession.

Even with the urgent prescription of hitter adjustments, the staff of the national team was hardly revived.

Up to four hits, just one hit.

He had only two at the base in four entrances, including two walks through the park.

To make matters worse, Mexico won the 2nd preliminary home run the first five times.

& # 39; Sweet Potato Line Goodbye ~ & # 39; Kim Hyun-soo's Sweep (General)

At the end of the five times that there was a sense of crisis, Kim Hyun-soo set fire to another.

Kim Hyun-soo, the lead striker, calmly took a walk from the total score.

Mexican Hill shook after Kim Hyun-soo was at the base.

The next drummer Yankee took a direct walk.

Choi struck his left hand with a full count.

South Korea has a chance to get a secure base.

Min Byung-hun struck a strong timely blow on the total count.

Third base runner Kim Hyun-soo returned home and scored his first goal in Korea.

Then Park Min-woo's push, Lee Jung-hoo's ground ball and Kim Ha-sung's timely kick followed Korea's 4-2.

Park Byung-ho was based on two companies 1 and 2 to become a base.

And the curve was turned, Kim Hyun-soo back to the plate.

Kim launched a huge batting field after the left defender in the third ball on the first goal.

All three runners came home for a second.

& # 39; Sweet Potato Line Goodbye ~ & # 39; Kim Hyun-soo's Sweep (General)

South Korea was 7-2 ahead.

Kim Hyun-soo, with a wide smile, waved both hands toward the shelter and said hello money from the series.

The players on the bench also applauded Kim Hyun-soo with both hands waving.

Korea, who made the big entries that scored seven points just five times, continued the atmosphere and beat Mexico 7-3 to confirm the final.

At the same time, he won the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

If they lost to Mexico, South Korea would not have been able to advance to the final and could not guarantee their right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

It's no exaggeration to say that Kim Hyun-soo saved South Korea's baseball, which is about to fall into a swamp.

Kim is the captain of the national team.

Kim Hyun-soo tried to revive the atmosphere even when the national team was shocked by a 0-7 defeat to Taiwan.

The players were also “ supposedly vaccinated & # 39; & # 39; and asked not to look at the Internet, because they may be offended by malicious comments.

Above all, the first baseman who swept the base was the best drug that saved the team's spirit.

& # 39; Sweet Potato Line Goodbye ~ & # 39; Kim Hyun-soo's Sweep (General)

Kim Hyun-soo, who was selected as the best player, said: "I have come to the Olympics and can reach.

We will do our best to take a good look at the players as there are still games left. "

Recalling the moment he doubled, "I gave a preemption, but I thought I could win if I survived."

At the end of the runner-up, before hitting the runner-up, he said: “You must hit the ball in order to mix well.

I heard that and got it right.

"I think the players did well.

In the national team, no one is doing well.

Taiwan's game was lost, but the players did well. "

& # 39; Sweet Potato Line Goodbye ~ & # 39; Kim Hyun-soo's Sweep (General)

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