"Good morning dusty," why the new car dealers laugh …


On days when news related to fine dust are on the rise, sales of resorts, condominiums, amusement parks, etc.

The increase in the use of clothes due to fine dust is convincing, but why the purchase of new cars will increase?

Meghan Busse, a professor at Northwestern University and Devin Pope, a Chicago professor at the University of Chicago, said: "The psychological effect of weather when buying a car." On a good day, it was found that four-wheel-drive cars had higher sales on bad days (snow, rain, fog).

In Korea, where the proportion of convertibles is very low and sales of four-wheel drive are increasing, it can be interpreted that there is a tendency to buy a new car instead of an old vehicle that is aged in the day of fine dust.

According to the study, the average purchase price of a new car rises and the average purchase price of a used car decreases regardless of the type of car on a cloudy day.

In addition, the recent Hana Financial Research Institute report showed that buying new cars increased by 13% on weekdays and 26% on holiday days, when the amount of news related to fine dust increased while the consumption of used cars Increased by 2%. 36 per cent. In addition, new vehicles increased 10.1% on weekdays and 29.2% on holidays, but used cars decreased by 0.6% and 31.1%, respectively. The report also showed that last year about 230 industries, 9 million credit cards And the results of aggregate sales data analysis.

The Hana Financial Research Center was enthusiastic about the contrast between new and used car sales.

According to Jung Hoon, researcher, "data analysis shows that consumers who buy new cars instead of vintage vehicles increase their purchases by 13%, while purchases of used cars decrease by 2%, which is an interesting change in consumer behavior due to fine dust.Many were found, "he explained.

"Consumers are aware of fine dust-related information through the news, and actual consumer behavior depends on the amount of news related to fine dust rather than the actual concentration of fine dust," he added.

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