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From seizure search to justified screening – two months after initiation / YTN

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[앵커]The prosecution began full investigations, beginning with the search for a total seizure in late August, when the former secretary of state was a candidate.

After two months of investigation and seven subpoenas, the prosecution secured the core of the charges and recruits of his wife, Professor Kyung Kyung Shim.

Reporter Lee Kyoung-guk organized the prosecution's investigation.

[기자]August 27, 18 days after the appointment of the Minister of Justice.

The prosecution has invested heavily in the special investigation team of Seoul central prosecutors to investigate the seizure of more than 30 corruption-related cases in admission examinations and private equity funds.

[조국 / 당시 법무부 장관 후보자 (지난 8월 28일) : 인사청문회를 앞두고 검찰 수사가 개시돼서 조금 당황스럽습니다.]

Candidate Ex Cho responded to the allegations at a press conference, but the next day, the prosecutor's office conducts a search for his wife, Professor Chung Kyung-Sim, at the University of Oriental Studies.

In the process, Professor Jung removed the PC, the securities company employees who helped him, and the situation of destruction of evidence at home.

On the day of the staff hearing, the prosecution sues his wife, Professor Chung, on charges of falsifying citations.

Prosecutors have not delayed the reins since the minister's appointment last month.

A daughter named Min Jo Min, a suspected admission party, was called after the prosecution, and within 27 days of the investigation, the prosecution seized and sought the home of the former Minister of Justice, the prime minister of justice.

[조국 / 전 법무부 장관 (지난달 23일) : 강제수사를 경험한 국민의 심정을 절실하게 느끼고 있습니다.]

Over the past three days, past ministerial issues have dominated the country, Professor Sun Jeong first convened at the suspect center.

In the midst of this, his daughter Jo Min directly denied all suspicions,

[조민 / 조국 전 법무부 장관 딸 : 어머니가 수사받는 저를 보호하려고 자신이 하지도 않은 그런 일들도 다 했다고 할 수도 있다고 많이 합니다.]

Cho's wealth manager also argued that Chung was fooled by his five-year-old nephew on YouTube live.

Faced with growing suspicion, the prosecution continues the investigation with Professor Chung after his resignation, saying, "I will take care of my family."

The prosecution filed an arrest warrant on 11 counts after the seventh investigation into the seminar on Professor Chung's health issues, and the court issued an arrest warrant after the trial.

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