Family Month May "Please give your parents insurance policy"



[이뉴스투데이 유제원 기자] If you are worried about the gifts you give your parents in the month of May, you need to pay attention to "Hyo-in". How about taking care of banking through various insurance for the elderly, such as hospitalization, operation cost insurance, cancer insurance, dementia, nursing care insurance, non-life life insurance rather than pocket money.

Recently there has been a growing number of serious health insurance products that guarantee the living expenses of older patients.

Hanwha Life Life Insurance donation insurance guarantees the contractor's three illnesses and the parents' funds. You can choose the rider that you need according to your age. From the 3rd or 5th year after enrollment, the allowance will be paid with an allowance of KRW 2.4 million per year, based on the subscription value of KRW 10 million. In addition, special treatments such as disease admission guarantee, severe dementia income guarantee and abstract fracture of disaster surgery can be added to the ages.

Tongyang Life Guardian Angel Subsistence Health Insurance (also) supports monthly living expenses. Support, acute myocardial infarction, terminal disease, terminal pulmonary disease, terminal renal failure and diagnosis of the five major diseases are paid in a single installment and, if the first contract is matched, the payment of the salary is of 1 million won. We paid 1 million won to the health care fund.

Seniors and infants also have dementia insurance that can be associated if they undergo simple exams.

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ABL Life Simplified Subscription Dementia Insurance (simple) (reimbursement type without revocation) is a simple type of screening at one time. If you have a history of illness or have a long history, you can be sure of a nursing fee. Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, myocardial infarction, traumatic brain injury, Lou Gehrig's disease, hospitalization, surgery, prolonged treatment for more than 7 days, no history of medication for more than 30 days, or 1 If no there is cognitive dysfunction due to dementia or hardness within a year, if there is no need for further examination, you may participate.

This product guarantees stage specific dementia, such as mild dementia, moderate dementia, and severe dementia up to 100 years without renewal. If you are diagnosed with moderate dementia, you will receive a diagnostic benefit of 10 million won, based on the amount of the main insured drug in 10 million won. 2 million won for dementia hardness and 20 million won for severe dementia.

O & # 39; KB The Simple Dementia Care Insurance & # 39; of KB NK Insurance is a dementia-only product that guarantees the latest dementia from mild to severe, and even the child can participate. Combined treatment of mild dementia and moderate dementia, which are relatively unhealthy stages of dementia, will guarantee up to 50 million won in diagnostic costs. Those who suffer from chronic diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes, can also be included if they do not fall under the category of 2 questions (1 year dementia or mild cognitive dysfunction). .

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