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The government announced today the results of the investigation into fire accidents involving ESS and energy storage systems that have occurred more than twenty times since last year.

The investigation committee ruled that the battery product was defective, but it was not a direct cause of the fire, and there was a fire in the operation and maintenance department.

Seo Jae-hee is the reporter's account.


In August 2017, the ESS fire, which began at a wind farm in Gochang, Jeolla province, occurred 23 times across the country earlier this year.

What is the cause?

The Joint Investigation Commission noted that more than 10 accidents occurred in the same factory, batteries produced at the same time.

The researchers collected and analyzed the same type of battery and found that the negative plate was bent, poorly coated or cut incorrectly.

However, the researchers determined that the fault was not the direct cause of the fire.

[최윤석/울산과학기술원 교수 : “극판 접힘과 절단 불량을 모사한 셀을 제작하여 충방전 반복시험을 180회 이상 수행하였으나 발화로 이어질 수 있는 셀 내부의 단락은 발생하지 않았습니다.”]

However, we found that the insulation performance deteriorated and the fire occurred in the environment where moisture, dust and salt were filled in the battery.

In addition, the research team noted that the lack of equipment to protect the electric shock and the fact that the design and operation of the ESS were not integrated and managed as one of the main causes of the fire.

There are 520 sites that disrupted the ESS operation because of the fire, which accounts for 35% of all ESS installation sites.

The government plans to restart ESS installations installed in the building after taking additional measures, such as installing a firewall.

In addition, the government announced that it would enact a specialized fire safety standard by September of this year, but does not reveal the specific cause of individual accidents, so there is still concern about the possibility of a recurrence.

KBS News is Jae Hee Lee.

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