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[비아이뉴스] The weekly Epic Games store, which offers free games, will start releasing new free games.

Epic Games Korea Inc. (CEO of Park Sung-chul) has announced the launch of Rebel Galaxy & # 39; as a new free game from the Epic Games Store and announced that 8 new games were recently introduced.

& # 39; Revel Galaxy & # 39; is an action game developed by & # 39; Double Damage Games & # 39; developed by developers of & # 39; Diablo & # 39 ;, Following & # 39; Enter the Gunge & # 39; and distributed as a free game.

A player can explore a space and discover new places, deal with aliens, negotiate and become friends. You can also enjoy adventures like having a hostile relationship with aliens like space pirates and fights.

In addition to the new free games, several new upcoming titles were added to the Epic Games store, allowing them to start pre-ordering. The new entries include "Cyberpunk 2077", "Watch Dogs: Legion", "Gods and Monsters", "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" and " from Tom Clancy's Ghost of Clancy, Breakpoint Recon, The Outer Worlds, Shenmu III, Phoenix Point, Ancestors: The Odyssey of Mankind, And a total of eight games.

The & quot; Cyberpunk 2077 & quot; is an action RPG that predicts work based on highly developed technology and a bleak future in 2077. It is a work developed by CD Project Red from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

& # 39; Watchdog: Regions & # 39; is an open world game based in London. The player must recruit all available personnel to form a resistance, to hack, to infiltrate, to fight and to recover the near future in London.

& # 39; Gods & Monsters & # 39; is a fairytale adventure game that takes place on the island where mythical monsters infuse the open world that embodies artistic beauty, and the production team of & # 39; Assassin Creed: Odyssey & # 39; is in charge of development.

& # 39; Ghost Recon Breakpoint & # 39; of Tom Clancy is a military shooting game with an open world background. The player must fight for survival by becoming a ghost of the elite special unit of American elite isolated on enemy lands. For the first time in the series, you can enjoy all episodes in solo mode or online of four players.

& Quot; Outer World & # 39; is a first person action RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment. & # 39; Fallout & # 39; and other RPG games developed by Tim Cane and Leonard Boasky have met again, and it is a job that is highly anticipated.

"Shenmu 3" is expected to be the next episode of Shanmusa's epic. The player will play the game as a martial artist, Haruki Ryou, who explores the secrets surrounding the murder of his father and promises to avenge himself on the killer.

& # 39; Phoenix Point & # 39; is a new strategy game created by the original team of production of the series X-COM & # 39 ;. Players must fight against the terrible alien threats using turn-based tactics and world-based strategies.

& # 39; Ansestars: The journey of humanity & # 39; is a game that can experience the epic poem of evolution of humanity ten million years ago, and the production team of & Assassin & # 39; Creed was in charge of development. Players will be able to explore Africa in the third and later Cenozoic era and expand their territory to create their own journeys. The pre-sale starts at 0:00 on the 22nd.

These games can benefit from 5% of the purchase price as a starting point if you buy it as a simple payment until July 30.

Epic Games Korea executive director Park Sung-chul said, "The summer games season has been full of anticipation for players from around the world." We hope you enjoy Epic Games Store games, including the new free game "Liberal Galaxy" this summer, "he said." This is something that players have been waiting for now. "

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