Emotions released 9900 yen jeans … I wonder if I can put high quality clothes at a cheaper price


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E-Mart, which announced its ultra-low price competition this year, has launched a 9900 won jeans through "Days Family Week," the largest discount apparel event of the year, available only once a year. The details of the design are removed and the bulk order is the secret to making jeans under 10,000 won.

According to E-Mart on March 1, E-Mart will host the & # 39; Family Day & # 39; of the brand's branded E-Mart & # 39; until the 17th to sell 200 kinds of affordable clothing for adults and children for children and infants.

A typical product is the so-called jeans “ national jeans` 9,900 yen `(male / female / child)` Yes. An E-Mart official explained: "We could significantly reduce the price of national jeans by removing details and ordering large quantities."

Specifically, E-Mart has removed the additional washing process for the project.

Even though jeans have the same sewing process, dozens of models of jeans are made through a home-made washing process in which workers apply manually and wash the medications by hand. Generally, the denim yarn (Indim) is dyed Indigo. In addition, due to the large amount of water, electricity, labor, etc., required for the design process, jeans that are designed with separate washes are expensive.

E-Mart was able to create jeans of less than 10,000 won, eliminating design by washing technique and drastically removing details such as rivets, leather patches, buttons and embroidery, reducing the cost of auxiliary materials.

Production of Jeans Production of about 150,000 large-scale orders during the peak season also contributed to significantly reduce the prices of jeans.

In the fashion industry, usually when ordering seasonal clothing, it usually orders seven to eight months before launch. However, E-Mart saved a lot of labor costs through pre-order a year ago.

Park Jeong-ryum, BM of Emart Day, said: "This is a national jeans product that came out of the question of how to show high quality clothing at a competitive price to consumers." In addition to the national jeans, It will be an opportunity to buy the price, "he said.

In addition, the E-Mart is showing a pair of pants, "Pants", which is made of Sorona material, which is similar to span, but has a lot of durability.

Thorona material is a highly functional material with superior extensibility, as an extension, better resilience than extension and less knee. In addition, it is a yarn extracted from industrial corn and is made from recyclable material by weaving the fabric.

The price of the Pants, which can be used for both the casual look and the business look, is 39,900 won. Slack `, released in two colors of navy blue and gray, sells at 29,900 won. Reflecting the tastes of consumers, she sells several jeans, such as sheepskin boots, jiggins and half-denim, from 12,900 to 29,900 won.

E-mart also designed a variety of t-shirts that fit well with denim. We sell a variety of T-shirts from popular characters including Snoopy, Batman, Superman, Mickey and Marvel, for 9900 wins each.

In addition to the marble t-shirts, Disney and Batman for children's t-shirts, they also created five national character types, Kakao Friends, and collaborative polo shirts with 9,900 wins each. For children, we have prepared 6 types of popular Korean T-shirts, such as "Pink Pong" and "Tie Poo", which are more familiar to children through animations such as YouTube, with 9900 wins each, according to children's eye level .

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