Eddie Kim also releases obscene material in a … "Putting a Smashing Shot" (Comprehensive)


Police, Information Violation and Communications Law

Lee Eun-jung (Kim Ji-hoon, reporter), a singer Eddie Kim (his real name Kim Jong-hwan, 29), was found to have pornography in a kakao chat room,

According to police, on April 4, the investigation agency of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is investigating Eddie Kim for illegally distributing pornography under the Information and Communication Network Act. Eddie Kim was investigated for about two hours on the 31st of last month as a suspected police presence.

Eddie Kim said: "Eddie Kim has been investigated confirming that he uploaded a sensational photo that is floating online."

"It's true that Eddie Kim was a member of the group, but it was confirmed that he never filmed or circulated illegal video material like" Molca. " Eddie Kim is keenly aware of the seriousness of the matter and is deeply reflecting on it. I sincerely apologize, "he added.

Police are investigating Eddie Kim, as well as singer Roy Kim (whose real name is Kim Sang-woo, 26), under the same charges.

Police arrested Chung Joon-young and Kim, a member of the Burning Sun, on charges of allegedly filming sexually explicit videos in the dungeon (a violation of the Special Law on Punishment of Sexual Violence).

Former Big Bang member Lee Seung-hyun (29) and former FT Island member Jung Hoon (29) are also being investigated for illegal filming.

A total of 23 KakaoTalk chat rooms were used to share videos and photos illegally taken by Victory, Jung Jun-young and Choi Jung-hoon. The total number of participants was 16, of which 8 were recorded.


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