Doosan and SK Daepa win 3 consecutive wins


Doosan Bears was selected as a substitute in Hong Sang-sam's surprise.

Doosan won the game 12 times in the home game against SK at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 17th.

Doosan took first place in the third consecutive win, with two wins in the first three weeks of wins with SK.

At the same time, NC lost to LG, and Doosan rose to the lead.

The Doosan era exploded from the start.

Jonathan Jones hit a homer of two races in the first inning with a three-hitter in the first round, Jose Fernandez and Park Kun-woo.

In the second round, Ryu Ji-hyeok scored five runs in the first round with two RBIs.

At the end of the second round, we added two points joining Kim Jae Hwan's sacrifice fly and Kim Jae Ho.

Doosan added 4 points to SK after Sanchez dropped to sixth at the end of SK's bullpen.

At the end of the seventh, Fernandez put a slice in the game with a dominant solo home run.

Doosan had 12 hits and six walks in 12, and this is the first time this season has scored a double.

Alternative starter Hong Sang-sam was eliminated more than expected but missed a count in the winning pitch requirement.

Hong Sang-sam, who replaced Park Ji-chan with thigh injuries, scored four runs in 2 1/3 innings, 5 hits, 2 walks and 3 strikeouts.

Hong Sang-sam, who was in the top five in the lead from 7 to 1, devotes two points with three hits and two consecutive hits in the second round.

When Hong Sang-sam's shot came to an end and the points difference was down to a four-point advantage, Kim Tae-hyeong replaced Yoon Myeong-jun with a score for Hong Sang-sam's winning pitch requirement.

Hanwha won the KT on the Suwon 8 to 5 expedition.

Hanwha, who scored two goals in the first round, allowed a draw soon but scored two more points and ran.

When Hanhwa ran away, KT scuttled the pattern in the second half.

Hanwha added a point to the game after adding a point to the ninth inning with a 6 to 5 point lead of 1 point in the eighth inning.

Hanwha ending Jung Woolam made his first save in 21 games with a scoreless inning.

Keumu pushes the Samsung to 5 to 3 on the Pohang expedition.

In the first round, Kim Dong-joon scored three runs in seven innings, while baseball player Lee Ji-young, who had played for Samsung until last season, hit a two-touch single with a single in a round.

Lotte won the Kia 8-6 with a 10-run homer in hand,

Kia star Yang Hyun-jong scored two runs in the fourth inning but missed his first chance with a 3-2 lead in the fifth inning.

LG won two consecutive victories in the NC.

The two-to-two opponent scored in the 12th round-out draw of Betancourt's first base baseman, and Lee Chun-woong put a wedge in the game with a one-run homer.

(Photo: Yonhap News)


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