Do not direct to the "preferential management" point of the opposition Seon Hye-won


The National Veterinary Commissioner of the State of Emergency,

Opposition lawmaker Seon Hye-won, who is not a partisan, held an unusual workshop on the question of choosing his independent and meritorious father.

The scenario that is different from the stand-up scenario that comes and goes between the members of the ruling and opposition parties is spread.

At the National Assembly Parliamentary Committee meeting, the Korean Free Party and right-wing legislators called for the resignation of the Deputy Director.

In this process, Lee Tae-gyu, MP of the right-wing party, said: "The deputy met directly with the legislator, and after that, the deputy director visited the legislator twice and informed the selection process. a member of the ruling party and a friend of the First Lady, then it is possible. "

Lee said, "If you say, we will shake the foundations of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs." He said, "Do not drive."

In the course of the description, the deputy chief said, "No, listen to my words." He said, "Listen to me, I'll answer the question (the deputy chief) respond."

As for the point that he made a special report to the legislator, the deputy chief said, "When the inquiry comes, I'll explain to myself." Lee said, "If so, is there a precedent?" He said, "Then I will find a liturgy."

The same party vice president said: "The attitude of the deputy director of veterinarians is a case we have not seen so far." He demanded that the president emphasize that he should apologize. "President Min Byung-doo said deputy chief I also pointed out.

Kim Jin-tae, a member of the South Korean party, also said that his father was designated as an independent beneficiary. "In former police records, Son's father left Korea in 1947," said the spy who came to destroy the Republic of Korea as an independent beneficiary.

So the deputy director said, "The data that Kim said was testimony and he did not admit it because he could not guarantee credibility. He also said:" I believe it is not true, I have not changed the existing position of & # 39; designation & # 39 ;.

Earlier, Son Yong-woo's father, Son Yong-woo, was dismissed six times from veterans' examination because of his history in the Korean Communist Party after his release, but he was selected as an independent merit last year only in the seventh application.

However, before the seventh application, Son's complaint was raised when he revealed that he found Pyongyang in the deputy's office at the time.


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