Friday , July 30 2021

Democratic Party begins to ‘vote for former party members’ amid opposition from popular power / YTN-YTN news

  1. Democratic Party starts voting ‘ex-party member’ amid revolt of people’s strength / YTNYTN News
  2. “I’m presenting another candidate irresponsibly” … 5 years ago by Jin Jung-kwon-JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
  3. 文, “The Saenuri Party must be responsible, it must not be a candidate” Video topic 5 years agoChosun Ilbo
  4. Democracy and popular power reaction “Voting for ex-Party member” begins / YTNYTN News
  5. ‘Let’s name it’ … Lee Nak-yeon rejected the claim of “Let’s leave Wen Dang-hun” -JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
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