"Democratic diplomatic secrets leaked"


Representative Kang Hyo-sang (photo)

In addition, the Democratic Party demanded that the South Korean party renounce the party's presidential and parliamentary delegation after parliamentary Kang Hyo-

Democratic Party spokesman Hong Ik-pyo said at a National Assembly briefing briefing: "We should know that the Korean party is obsessed with party interest and called the confidence clash between the US and the US." This endangered the national interest of the alliance. "

Hong said, "If it is a party that is responsible for the first opposition party, it should stop including articles on opposition members who broke national interests revealing state secrets, and should immediately abolish partisan measures such as expulsion." "He called for the immediate resolution of the Korean representative Hallyu and Na Kyung-won.

He said, "Kang has a little less than a handful of spontaneous diplomatic secrets that spoil the trust of the US-South Korea alliance, as well as undermine Korea's status in the international community," he said. "It's wrapped up in the ridiculous claim of the ceremony."

He said that in December 2015, former President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made it clear that they were "privatized" because of concerns about the national interest. "He said.

He said: "Even the natural proposition that 'Let's meet' and 'Let's go to Korea' surpassing the inflexible inter-Korean and North American relations is filled only with the struggle and self-interest and not the national interest and people, It is strongly suspected that this incident was not the plan intended to destroy the visit of US President George W. Bush to the United States and break the alliance. "

He also met with reporters and said, "The National Assembly should also appeal to the ethics committee, and the Korean government must agree to resign or remove the president's office in the near future."

In addition, a spokesman for Park Chan-dae said in a telephone conversation with Yonhap: "The South Korean party has lost the value of the money they seek as they struggle with the power struggle against the ruling party, according to with the party government. It's not work. "

The Democratic Party also denied that former Liberal Democratic Party (JDP) chairman Jang Sang-rae got all the tape of the summit talks in January last year.

"We are trying to dismantle Kang Hyung-sang as a member of the National Assembly," a Hong spokesman said, adding, "What is at stake now is the position of the Korean government in dealing with Kang's case."

He said, "I think we should check the facts and announce the position and investigate if necessary."


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