Delta Air Lines will buy 4.3% of Hanjin … Cho Won-tae,


Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NASDAQ: DASKY), a US subsidiary of the Hanjin Group, is in the process of acquiring a stake in Hanjin Holdings. The KCGI, a private equity fund, recently increased its stake in Hanjin Carl, which raised the possibility of a decision on management rights with Cho. Delta Air Lines reported on Tuesday that it secured a 4.3 percent stake in Hanjin, the largest Korean airline, and said it will increase its stake by 10 percent after gaining regulatory approval. Delta Air Lines, one of the largest airlines in the United States, has maintained a friendly and cooperative relationship with Korean Air since the chairmanship of the Han Yang Group. Hanjin Carl is a holding company at the height of the Hanjin Group's governance structure. If the 4.3% stake in Delta Air Lines is in favor of President Cho, the president's share will be 33.23%, exceeding KCGI's stake.

Reporter Kim Do-hyoung [email protected]

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