Daewoo's Construction Challenges Zero & # 39; Complex Crime with Enhanced Security System & # 39; 5ZSS & # 39;


▲ The concept of & # 39; 5ZSS & # 39; updated. Ⓒ Daewoo E & C

Daewoo E & C has upgraded its existing 5ZSS (Five Zones Security System) security system & # 39; as part of its 'New Prudential Be Smart' strategy.

According to Daewoo E & C, the 5ZSS coincides with the Daewoo E & C Five Zone Clean Air System (5ZCS). It is a security system that divides the complex into 5 zones and uses advanced equipment to prevent crime and accidents until it enters the furniture of the periphery.

It is expected to be applied to the 4th district of Guro-Gu and the Gwangyang Prugo The First, which is currently under construction, and can be experienced directly at the Summit Gallery & # 39; located in Daechi-dong, Seoul.

First of all, we have increased the number of outdoor CCTV installation sites to minimize the vulnerable areas of security. CCTV has been added to bicycle storage facilities, sports facilities of the residents, tea coffees, etc. installed by Dong-gu and CCTV is applied to facilities that many residents use, such as garbage storage and unmanned delivery service.

In addition, the low-light color display (Starlight) function is applied to all CCTVs, allowing for clear image identification even in low-light dark environments.

In addition, intelligent CCTVs are installed in the main entrance, exit, pedestrian entrance, playground, reading room and roof entrance, where the existing CCTV is installed and inform the manager immediately when an event such as roaming, illegal parking, Apply the system .

In the underground parking, the parking guidance system was applied to make the parking place faster. The emergency bell from the existing underground garage was operated by pressing the button directly, and was difficult to use in an emergency, but the emergency system that can operate remotely with the smartphone was introduced.

The unmanned mailbox, located in each district, was installed in each building, so customers could conveniently find the messenger at home.

We apply the single-pass IoT system to the common entrance to prevent outsiders from entering the door by password leak. Even if you do not enter your password at the common entry entry, if you install the OnePass application on your smartphone, the auto door opens and the elevator is called even if you have only one smartphone.

The intelligent CCTV system was applied inside the elevator so the manager would report the emergency situation immediately in the event of abnormal movements such as intruders,

Push-Pull digital door locks are applied to the entrance of the furniture to minimize the exposure of the password and allow quick and convenient entry into the house. In addition, the elderly resident living alone will introduce a care system for the elderly who will be notified to the manager in case of emergency.

Daewoo E & C said: "With 5ZCS for fine dust reduction and 5ZSS for improved security system, we will implement Prugio which is safe and convenient as well as pleasant residential environment. through the continuous development of technology. "

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