CNN "Trump message to deliver to President Kim Jong-un" –


Entry 2019.04.21 01:26

US President George W. Bush received a message from President Donald Trump to hand over to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (CNN) on CNN.

Mr. Moon Jae-in, who held a summit meeting with US President George W. Bush at the White House,

CNN quoted a South Korean diplomatic official as saying, "President Moon has Trump's message to President Kim." This message has important implications for the current course of action and will lead to a positive situation for the US summit. "He said.

CNN did not disclose the route that President Moon received when he received the message from President Trump. However, it is suspected that Moon received a message from President Kim in Truth at the US summit in Washington, DC, on November 11.

President Moon said: "We plan to follow the inter-Korean summit shortly after the Korean-American summit."


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