CJ Cheiljedang launches strawberry jasmine Petit Chee Mi-seo


Petit Chelsea Strawberry Jasmine. [사진 제공=CJ제일제당]

Description of the imagePetit Chelsea Strawberry Jasmine. [사진 제공=CJ제일제당]

CJ CheilJedang announced on February 2 that it launched Petit Chee's "Strawberry Jasmine."

Petit Cheese Miko Strawberry Jasmine is characterized by a soft and mild tea like Tea, which reduces the content of fruit juice and adds strawberry juice and concentrated jasmine tea. You can also develop your own recipe to mix with bottled water, carbonated water and beer.

CJ CheilJedang officials said: "Petit Cheong Mikro Strawberry Jasmine is a product that can enjoy a special tea time anytime, anywhere." "We will continue to show products that can appeal to consumers according to seasonal characteristics and consumer trends." .

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