"Choi Jong-hoon, the police arrested for drinking"


FT Group Island [뉴스1]

FT Group Island [뉴스1]

Former Northern Ireland member Choi Jong-hoon, who was arrested on suspicion of drinking alcohol three years ago, demanded that police see him as a side note.

Jong-hoon escaped when he was arrested for drunken drinking near Itaewon in Seoul in February 2016. Jung Ji-hoon tried to crack down on the spot when he encountered a police officer who was chasing him alone. According to the media quoted, the police, Choi Jong – hoon said: "Let me give you 2 million won.

The police officer ignored Jong-hoon's attempt to bribe him and arrested him on the spot and took him to the police station. At that time, the blood alcohol level of Jung-hoon was 0.097%. Choi Jong-hoon was sent to prosecution and was punished with a fine of 2.5 million won and a 100-day license suspension.

Jong-hoon is suspected of asking a high-ranking police officer to stop reporting on the jail for drunken driving in the press. In the KakaoTalk chat room, where there was a winning singer (Lee Seung-hyun · 29) and Chung Joon-yong, Jung-hoon sent news that captured the news of another drunken direction of the singer and said: "I lived thanks to grace of the OO "There is a mention.

"I had a good experience of Jonghoon, I also saw my handcuffs, I fled in front of the police," he said, "how well Yoo (Yoo) was naked." There was a conversation. When this incident was not reported, it was posted in the chat room that Jong – hoon received a message from the head of the police department saying "Happy Birthday".

In addition, Jung Joon Hoon is also suspected of distributing illegal material. On June 16, Jong-hoon attended the police department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as a suspect, investigated for 21 hours and returned home.

Jeong Eun-Hye reporter [email protected]


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