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Big Bang wins 29.5 billion won? Success? / Photo = Han Kyung DB

Win Win & # 39; The Big Bang victory is another title of president. This is an RV business.

The Social Network (CEO, Park Soo Wang), a national AR · VR company, announced on May 5 that Victory was named president of VR.

With the inauguration of the president of Victory, we will expand our F & B business to IT and launch the franchise brand VR & # 39; HEAD ROCK VR & # 39; in 7th. In addition, Victory will hold a ceremony for the inauguration of the chairman of the new business division and a presentation on VR's franchise business.

Victory was announced as chairman of the social network's RV division and at the same time received 29.5 billion won from Hedge Fund Alpenroot Asset Management and Hana Financial Group.

Hana Investment Co., Ltd. President Lee Jin-kook said: "The two young Korean CEOs, Mr. Big Bang and President Park Soo-Wang, a domestic entrepreneur, have made a leading investment in creating a RV global representative.I believe I will help and develop the Hana Financial Group as a whole. "

"We will invest 29.5 billion won and the RV theme park industry perspective will brighten in the future. We will strive to create a global RV ecosystem based on this investment."

HEADROCK VR & HEADROCK & # 39; HEADROCK & # 39; is the name of an entrepreneur who gives pleasure to the name of the brand which means & # 39; pleasure & # 39; which makes the head fun by focusing on the equipment used to head in the RV experience. From the concept of the brand to the design of the logo And he expressed his unusual affection for this project.

On November 15, Singapore's largest and first store opened at Sentosa Island Universal Studios, opening 8 domestic and international agencies including Mexico, Japan, Las Vegas, China, Seoul and Busan. Finished.

Meanwhile, the victory is currently in the Japanese Ramen franchise business Aori is missing & # 39; (Aori Raman) in the club's Burning Sun & # 39; and at the hip-hop lounge "Monkey Museum". In particular, Aori Ramen & # 39; is expanding its stores to the point of hunting 50 stores worldwide.

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