Ben Touho, & # 39; Cirrus Magic & # 39; … Two consecutive wins against Colombia



Our soccer team led by Paulo Bentu will challenge Colombia for the second consecutive victory.

It is expected that the opposing team will be a hotter confrontation because he is co-director of Carlos Cirross, who has a bad reputation with us.

Reporter Anhongsuk.


Colombia has found Korea as an elite member.

Lada Malca and Haas Rodríguez are among the world-class offensives.

In past history, we are ahead, but we can never be intimidated.

In addition, the Cirrus coach, who has not been to Korea, leads Colombia.

He is the person who wiped out the pride of Korean football by blowing the fist potato & # 39; in the final of the World Cup in Brazil.

<카를로스 케이로스 / 콜롬비아 축구대표팀 감독> "I want to win because it's a football game, not because my opponent is in Korea."

Bentou, who played in the national team when Kieros is coach of Portugal, will play a football match against his mentor.

<파울루 벤투 / 한국 축구대표팀 감독> "I want to cover up the dull things, I go as aggressively as possible and play as much as I can on my opponent."

Ben Tuho will probably make the best selection list.

Sohn Heung-min and Lee Jae-sung, who led the two-to-one victory in the recent clash, should form an offensive team.

<이재성 / 축구대표팀 미드필더> "It seems to me that the game is enough for the players and I have to keep my feet together in order to win …"

With the recent frenzy of football and the fate of the opposing team added to the stadium, it seems that the Seoul World Cup Stadium will once again be crowded.

Yonhap News TV Anhongsuk.

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