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"Bees can also connect numbers and numbers" – Sciencetimes


It was not until recently that the bee was able to understand zero (0) and perform basic calculations. The same research team has now discovered that bees have the ability to connect symbols with numbers.

Australian-French cooperative researchers trained bees to associate certain signals with specific amounts in a new study. As a result, bees have learned that the signal represents a numerical quantity.

The researchers say the study opens new possibilities for communication between humans and other species, while providing a new perspective on how hydroelectric power has evolved over thousands of years.

He also hopes to explore the development of new bio-inspired computers, mimicking a highly efficient way in which the brain processes information.

The study, led by RMIT University, Australia, was published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Britain, BProceedings of the Royal Society B) In the current issue.

It has been shown that the bee brain is able to connect symbols with numbers, and bees have been identified to understand the concept. CREDIT: RMIT University

It has been shown that the bee brain is able to connect symbols with numbers, and bees have been identified to understand the concept. ⒸRMIT University

"Bee Concept Grab Possible"

Adrian Dyer, an associate professor who conducted the study, said that while humans are the only species that has developed a system of numbers like arabic numerals that they use all the time, he said.

"We've counted numbers since we were kids, but we need a sophisticated level of cognitive ability to recognize what it represents, for example.

Several studies so far have shown that primates and birds can connect symbols with numbers. According to Professor Dyer, this is the first time that research has found this ability in insects.

He said: "Humans have 86 billion neurons in the brain and fewer than one million neurons in the brain, both of which have been separated and evolved six hundred million years ago.If bees are human, if you have the ability to learn the same complexities, will be able to open new and exciting paths for communication between species. "

Small In the brain Maximum Potential Lead

Several studies show that many nonhuman animals, such as pigeons and parrots, chimpanzees and monkeys, can learn to express symbolic numbers.

Some of his performances are impressive. Chimpanzees were able to learn Arabic numerals to sort these numbers in order, and African gray parrots, called Alex, learned the names of numbers and knew that they could add not only eggs but also eggs.

Details of the experimental environment used to train and test bees. CREDIT: RMIT University

Details of the experimental environment used to train and test bees. Ⓒ RMIT University

However, the new study confirms that this complex cognitive ability is not limited to vertebrate animals.

The experiment on bees is a researcher at BIDS-Lab, Royal Melbourne University of Technology. Currently, Dr. Scarlett Howard is a researcher at the Center for Research on Animal Cognition at Toulouse 3 University at the National Science Center in France. .

Number Processing and Symbol Understanding Isolated Brain In the area get up

Dr. Howard divided the bees into groups and the first group trained each bee to match the number of elements correctly in the Y-shaped labyrinth. They then tested whether the bees would apply this new knowledge to match the same amount of various elements and symbols. For example, & # 39; 2 & # 39; is like two bananas, two trees, two hats and so on.

The second group reverted to train the number of elements to match the symbol.

While both groups digested the specific training they received, other groups were unable to reverse the link between the symbol and the element count and were able to resolve it when tested against & # 39; symbol-to-number & # 39; or & quot; symbol & quot; I could not.

The Y-shaped labyrinth tried bees. CREDIT: RMIT University

The Y-shaped labyrinth tried bees. Ⓒ RMIT University

Dr. Howard said the results of the experiment suggest that "understanding of water treatment and signatures occurs in a separate area of ​​the brain of the bee, as well as in a separate process of the human brain".

However, this shows that bees are not on the same level as other animals who have learned symbols as numerals to perform complex tasks.

"Nature Elegant Efficient Solution To learn"

"However, these results give us an implication of what we know about learning and reversing tasks, and how the brain creates connections and connections between concepts," said Howard.

In addition, figuring out how complex math techniques are captured by the bee's small brain helps to understand how math and cultural thinking have evolved in humans and other animals.

"Researching insect brains will find a very interesting possibility in designing future high-efficiency computing systems," Dyer said.

"When we look for a solution to a complex problem, we often find that nature has already made it much more elegant and efficient," he said. "If we understand how the bee's little brain processes information, Inspiration will pave the way for a solution that will have far less energy than conventional processing systems."

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