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Ax Agency responded to case against unpaid goods [공식입장]

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Rapper Ax sues US jewelry company
Commercial side "I have not deposited more than 40 million receivables earned"
Iliner Records refuses complaints and advises court

Ax / Photo = Choi Hyuk Reporter

While the rapper's ax was accused of jewelry trauma, Illinere Records agency rebutted the company's complaint and announced a court response.

On the 15th, Entertainment Dispatch reported that A, a jewelry company in the United States, filed a property complaint against Illine Records, whose ax is internal director, in Seoul South District Court last month.

Company A said it has deposited money on jewelry, such as jewelry and watches stolen by the ax, and receivables amounted to about 40 million won. Company A asked Ax to make a deposit, but insisted on sending $ 20,000 a month because it had no US income, but added that the pledge did not last long.

In the afternoon, the company said, "The ax bought $ 206,000 in precious metals from Company A, a California, USA jewelry store on September 25, 2018." A refund of $ 171,300 out of a total of $ 206,000. "We do not refund $ 34,700, but it is related to a dispute in the United States."

The agency then said: "The American lawyer from Ax secured a violation of California law in the course of A's debt repayment request. Therefore, the American lawyer from Ax will not pay the amount until the problem is resolved." The US Ax legal representative asked about the exact amount of debt (specific receipts) and purchased product data to verify the facts about the repayment of the amount on October 29, 2019. "We didn't answer anything."

"Ax temporarily suspended domestic activities due to ill health, including panic disorder, and moved to the United States after reorganizing the headquarters and all actions of Illine Records." Ax and Illair Records, Inc. deeply regret the fact that there are legal disputes, but we just want to take our efforts to reconcile with A. We will take all civil and criminal actions available to you. "

By Jang Ji-min, Guest Reporter

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