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Asiana sells to the aviation industry

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[앵커]As Hyundai Development develops into the Asiana Airlines acquisition process, overall restructuring in the aviation industry is expected.

In particular, Air Busan, a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines, is likely to be sold, and focused mergers and acquisitions are also taking place on low cost airlines.

Reporter Byeong-han Park.

[기자]Hyundai Industrial Development, which embraces Asiana Airlines, hopes to become a mobility group and has the second largest domestic airline after duty-free shops and resorts.

Thus, fierce competition with Korean Air, Korea's No. 1 airline, seems inevitable.

[정몽규 / 현대산업개발 회장 : 계약이 원활히 성사되도록 최선의 노력을 다할 것이며 아시아나항공이 최고의 경쟁력을 갖추도록 지원하겠습니다.]

The question is whether to proceed to the acquisition process.

Kumho Industrial and its lenders are trying to sell their affiliates, including Asiana Airlines and its subsidiaries, Air Busan, Air Seoul and Asiana IDT.

When Hyundai Industrial Development acquires Asiana Airlines, Hyundai Industrial Development will be under the holding company HDC, and Asiana Airlines, followed by Air Busan, Air Seoul and Asiana IDT.

In this case, Asiana Airlines will become a subsidiary of HDC and, according to the Fair Trade Act, Asiana, a subsidiary of HDC, a holding company, must own 100% of its stake or sell shares within two years.

Asiana Airlines currently has a 44.2% stake in Air Busan.

[허희영 / 항공대 경영학과 교수 : (아시아나) 인수가 끝나면 두 자회사를 되파는 분리 매각이 있을 수 있고 또 다른 항공사가 자회사를 인수하게 돼 항공시장 재편이 본격적으로 이뤄지게 됩니다.]

The aviation industry is also expected to assume large-scale mergers and acquisitions due to unfavorable trading conditions, such as avoiding travel to Japan due to trade conflicts between Korea and Japan and the disruption of the Boeing 737NG aircraft fuselage.

[최고운 / 한국투자증권 애널리스트 : 아시아나 항공 매각을 시작으로 가능성이 점쳐져 왔던 구조조정이나 추가적인 M&A 가능성이 부각될 것입니다.]

In particular, three new low-cost airlines are scheduled to launch next year, and the domestic aviation market is entering a system of nine LCCs.

YTN is Byeong Byung.

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