Against paganism and curses, the decision to launch & # 39; Dark Devotion & # 39; in Korean


& # 39; Dark Devotion & # 39; released in Korean (Photo courtesy of H2 Interactive)
▲ Devotion to Darkness released in Korean (Photo courtesy of H2 Interactive)

HIT-interactive will officially launch the Hibernian Workshop action-adventure game Dark Devotion on April 25 with a PC priced at KRW19,800 and release the switch versions for PS4 and Nintendo later. "He said.

& # 39; Dark Devotion & # 39; deals with the story of patience, dedication and secrecy of a member of the Knights Templar. As a member of the Knights Templar, the player takes a step in the deep darkness to find the hidden secrets of the abandoned Temple, filled with enigma, while finding the answer to the question of opposing his being.

This temple is full of pagans who want to destroy the Knights Templar, and constantly repeat threats and attacks to kill the player. You must use your faith to kill the pagans, find hidden ways and weapons, use items at the right time, heal wounds, and release the curse.

The game features a dynamic and intense dots action that allows you to enjoy dozens of weapons, armor and various combat styles using items. Telling strong and intense stories before the mighty boss who makes you sweat in your hand, the timid design of the stage and level are also attractive elements.

For more information on launching the Dark Version, visit the official H2 Interactive website.


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